22 August 2014

My current empties!

Here are my current empty products.  There were few items that I have repurchased before I started blogging.  Nothing interesting guys :)   

08 August 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Party

2 weeks ago,  I went to a Benefit Cosmetics Party in Myer, Adelaide.  It was my first time experiencing a beauty party.  I have no clue of what to expect which I guess it’s a good thing.  Meeting new people can be quite overwhelming for me cuz I am naturally a shy person AH HAH!  Although, I must say that once I started mingling with others I get comfortable and fine with it soon after :)

The Party is an introduction to their new product that was launched not long ago.  Its "They're Real! Push Up Liner".  Owh yes!!  I was ecstatic to know that the party will include proper education or shall I say the proper technique to use the liner.  I honestly have no idea how to use the liner which I have end up contemplating on buying it BUT BUT BUT this party changes everything. How I perceived & thought about the product and its application!!  

04 August 2014

My most reachable blushers from Benefit Cosmetics!

Lately, I have been reaching for these blushers from Benefit Cosmetics.  I do not need to think hard when reaching for them.  It compliments my skin tone and my everyday neutral makeup look.

26 July 2014

Would You Rather? The Beauty Blogger Tag!

I am taking a break from my Power Point Presentation which is due this coming Tuesday.  So, I thought why not I do a Beauty Tag, yea? I love watching my YouTubers doing such tags. So, I have decided to pick on these questions..... Tadaaaaaa

1.  Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip glosses OR lose all of your palettes and eye shadows?

ans:  Hmm... I love mascaras, eyeliner, lipsticks & all my eye shadow palettes haha.. But if I have to choose either one, I would rather lose... it has to be my eye shadow palettes :(((((

24 July 2014

A current student at Media Makeup, Adelaide

Truth to be told, I enrolled into a Make up school in Adelaide called Media Make up not long ago.  I have been hesitating for the longest time if I should embark into the Make up industry.  I have been a beauty enthusiast not long ago... probably for the past 3 years.  It all begins when I was in University.  Life in University as a student, especially in Science can be pretty hectic and full on.